Engagement Models

TRUGlobal offers multiple engagement and delivery models to meet varied needs of its clients across the globe which ensures their competitive advantages in a changing market place. TRUGlobal will work with you according to your needs and requirements in a time bound, project based engagement model. Clients can choose from the models offered based on the size, complexity and delivery requirements of the project. We can also present you customized models based on your requirements, since we are flexible.

Fixed Price Model

TRUGlobal follows a Fixed Price Model for the projects that are specifically defined in terms of their requirements, schedules, and project path. Projects with well-defined scope, specification and implementation plan can be executed on fixed time with fixed prices.

On the basis of the project details estimation for the project and engagement is done. This model is suitable for small or mid-size projects. Under this model, we work with our client to define the required output at mutually agreed fixed price based on efforts involved.

Our solutions provide an estimate on the time and cost of the project to the client. Once both parties are convinced about the association, We can start off immediately. Any modifications or enhancements are provisioned and managed through Change Management Process. The cost or payment depends on the project size. Some payment is made in advance, some at the delivery of the project, and remaining after user level testing and acceptance.

For big projects, the tasks specified are divided into modules known as milestones. The payment is made as per milestone and the time required to complete each milestone

Time & Material Model

We follow time and material model for the projects where scope, specifications, and implementation plans are not clearly defined at the initial stage of its development. It provides the flexibility to manage the team size and total efforts.

In such cases the effort estimation is not possible at the outset and billing is done on the basis of resource utilization deployment. A particular rate is associated with each resource type depending on their skill set, experience and role in the project. This model follows a strict project management and reporting practices where task sheets are generated on a daily / weekly basis for each person working on the project.

To get the Time and Material Model, the client needs to specify the task and period of time for the project. Based on this, we specify the rates (hourly fee) charged for the efforts of the resources to the client. Once the client is satisfied with our rates, we sign a contract with him. The cost of the project depends on the team size and the efforts of each team member. The payment for the provided efforts is usually made on the basis of monthly or bi-weekly invoice issued to the client depending on the effort reports

Managed Delivery Model

TRUGlobal assigns a part time/Full time project manager to the client offshore team as a part of engagement and Project Manager is responsible for delivery and managing of Project. Project Manager reports to client with progress update on daily and weekly basis.

Dedicated Resource Model

We provide a dedicate resource to the client, who acts as his virtual employee. When the client has the requirement for a team, we offer him a dedicated team. This team is always available for his project even at a short notice. The offshore team works at the service provider’s site in a secure and separate environment. TRUGlobal Technologies has a proven track record of delivering these services to clients; using its Managed Offshore Development Center (MODC) delivery model. The cost or payment is made on monthly basis and in advance month. Therefore, this model is also known as monthly model.