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3 Point methodology for Successful IoT implementation

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Successful implementation of IOT is always a challenge at the enterprise level to leap over existing business process with new function at every stage in the firm. Every IT leaders in the businesses ensure that have brief precautions to implement effective IOT strategy components that don’t affect the current business cycle.

1.Business Use cases and IoT options.
IoT use cases and methods may change dramatically by industry. It is essential to comprehend what the IT transformation custodians are attempting to achieve in the effectiveness of the business use cases to reap the maximum benefits. Considering the technologies that are unique across multiple business verticals, Implementation of IoT mean different every time with the kind of apparatus protocols, IoT detectors, and analytics that change drastically between sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare and petroleum and gas.

2. Quantifiable KPI’s for IoT Implementation
There are plenty of methods to Implement IoT, but prioritize the use cases that are measurable. The IT leadership should define the scope of the use cases that support a vital business goal, like minimizing stock deficits to improve retail sales or enhancing the product efficiency by X percent. The beneficiary teams on implementing IOT also needs to determine a procedure for prioritizing and capturing future requests based on KPI

3.Upgrade present security techniques with IoT in thought.
Minimizing risks from apparatus that are unsecured is a priority for each business, but those risks can raise. Over 3 quarters of the businesses, listed security as an integral inhibitor to IoT installations. Businesses must assess security at the program and device degree. Security should not be absent through the network, at all levels of the IT stack from the apparatus, to the cloud. In several cases, a device that was connected does not have embedded security software to run. In this situation, firms should look at securing information at the LAN, program degree and the WAN gateway.

Enterprise Mobility Management: Reasons why IoT Is the Future

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Currently, Enterprise mobility management is one of the trending subjects in IT transformation today. Both Enterprise mobility management and IoT are an effective blend to build a powerful digital enterprise which is assertive in adopting technology and trend.

Let’s see, how IoT solutions help enterprise mobility to make an impact on businesses :

1. Helps the organisation to forecast :-

The change in consumerism and adoption to products and services are quick. The Brand which dominated the market five years ago, file a bankruptcy over their lack of adaptation. The IoT solutions and tools helps the organisation to keep a close watch on their consumers, product/services and their performances. It also helps you to optimize the operation functions where you can quickly measure your customer touch points, their Demography, time, their trends and also their need base forecast survey It’s also possible to see which features and functions users access most frequently, plus where and when those features are accessed. with slicing and dicing the enormous consumer information that has been collected over the period of time with the help of IOT tools and Mobility devices, the management can take decisions that helps the organisation to be ahead of curve.

2. Uptime Management and Security

With growing cyber attacks and threats to data, it’s important to secure the possible points of network Security oversight? With the presence of IoT and big data solutions its possible to more effectively supervise and guard your firm’s mobile safeguards. Glitches, errors or other unexpected exceptions to routine network protocols occur can be identified and get course corrected accurately with the mobility tools installed into the system. you can effectively monitor the high-tech error caused by both human and AI.

3. Respond to Surfacing Possibilities

Markets can change quickly without any cautions as unforeseen events happen. New Startups appear from nowhere and create new disruptions that threaten the ecosystem. With your enterprise is tuned to adoption to both IOT and enterprise mobility in your ecosystem, you can listen to your consumers and predict their needs. Consumers and your end user have always been the best source of innovation. The Collection of information and analytics from the consumers usually empower the organisation to take rightful action portioning crucial insights using mobility adaptation.

4. Improving Reactivity and Resilience

Use IoT established business mobility management options to empower your staff to more quickly react to these developments that were emerging. Numerous high-tech options do not only make it feasible to see trends as they come based on incoming information and signs from internal and external stakeholders, these options also make it easy for workers to more quickly and efficiently connect, collaborate and ensure resources for new enterprises. They are able to run experiments and fast, affordable company models to sector developments that are new. Utilizing these tools, your workforce can more rapidly react to changes in the company landscape with company strategies that are increasingly agile and adaptable.

5. Strengthening Productivity and Performance

Since technologies and more communications devices are going mobile, so also are more workers. A robust business mobility management option, coupled with the IoT tools that are right, will assist you track and control what is going on in the area more efficiently. The mixture also can help you simplify operational procedures to optimize efficiency, boost productivity and reduce prices by more capable monitoring and zeroing in on possible areas for development. Additionally, an ever-expanding number of options make it easy for business leaders to a more skillfully manage client relationship management, invoice processing, reporting and data processing.

The more as a business you leverage IoT and mobility related tools to automate and consolidate the processes and operations, the quicker costs comes down, with operational excellence and big leap past competitors.

Key to Advanced Intelligence is to Discover Insights

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Impact of Data Governance and Self-service analytics in Business performance:

At the point when information governance and self-service were touted to be polls separated, individuals thought that it was surprising how the bridge between them is shut to make a noteworthy effect and help business. Administration  bolsters the dialect of information to better suit the requirements of the enterprise undertaking. Users prefer information that is anything but difficult to decipher and that is the way business intelligence go to the highest point of the surface in bringing a wholesome experience.

Since you have a clarity on Business Intelligence and how it helps the year 2016 give real business pluses, a walk through on how TRUGlobal Solutions helps you hold a grasp of the Business Intelligence in the everyday exercises will bring a closure to the blog.

How TRUGlobal helps :

At TRUGlobal Solutions, we concentrate on giving a leap forward to breaking down complex data by imparting the information in a way understood by you. The specialists at TRUGlobal will help you split truckload of information to have stimulating thoughts via business reporting solutions, data mining, business performance management, cloud integration, predictive analysis, dashboard analytics for effective business execution. The key performance indicators introduced by TRUGlobal will make you independent to sidestep functioning loopholes.

The BI Impact: How TRUGlobal thrives upon BI as part of the services

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Relatively few know how Business Intelligence works in a quick paced environment. On the other hand likely, a great many people would not have wandered into that zone imagining that it is a stage to find out about successful business strategies or an innovation expertise left with the administrators. At all might be, to give you a knowledge into the 10,000-foot view of Business Intelligence, the following will help simplify the contexts.

Here is the manner by which BI (Business Intelligence) work.

  • It is a tech-driven information containing extensive data about business sector patterns
  • Analysing data from a sea of information pulled together to give a straightforward picture
  • It helps corporate to assemble data they require in connection with business needs and empowers them to settle on educated choices

For instance, Business intelligence gives an account of information mining, statistical investigation and content mining that enables you to consider in taking high-risk enterprise decisions.

The entire motivation behind Business Intelligence is to question and break down business information valuable to the users.

Presently this would create enthusiasm for you to comprehend what is going on with remains of the world on a Business Intelligence stage. The most recent pattern in Business Intelligence is the motivation key that all you require and what is required from you to settle on shrewd business choices in the year of 2016.

  • How Data Integration help Data Explorers

Business needs the right information to be generated at the perfect time and convey it to the general population worried without challenges. You may imagine that in this huge universe of little substance, removing right information holds a super cerebrum in working condition. It would appear that 2016 is a simple stage for new participants who connote information integration as their backbone. Information explorers would interface with any information lying mouth dashed with the assistance of advanced technical devices.

  • Analytics are not for Geeks only anymore:

Individuals originating from the non-analytics foundation have gone out of the phase where they expected an outline as straightforward as pie charts and flow diagrams. They anticipate that the associations will convey information where it has scope for them to question and raise worries on the application and set the stream of analytics.

  • IOT Data proves to be the biggest opportunity provider:

The Internet of Things have made a class all alone and influence the manner of thinking of Individuals. In the event that there is the vital package of data is brought on because of IOT, there would be an opportunity development criteria for the potential business sector to generate knowledge for the firm. It empowers users to investigate information and offer what they found in a more intelligent manner.

Transform Business Functions powered by Best in Class Cloud Solutions

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Implementing a dynamic infrastructure with flexible service provision and quick time-to-market has become a major necessity for any tech company? Cloud transformation addresses these key issues and helps organizations and industries to provide quick response across multiple domains with respect to the changing business requirements and overwhelming opportunities. Better, Faster, Anywhere and Anytime! This is the need of the hour and with the huge increase in mobility aspects of every business in almost every industry, it becomes important to capitalize on these opportunities by overcoming all obstacles to innovation. Cloud services facilitates this major requirement of enhanced scalability with minimal or zero downtime which form the backbone for any mobile organization. With increasing demand for enhanced service capabilities to leverage agility, speed and flexibility across business operations, Cloud Transformation enables Businesses to employ business processes in an operational structure that utilizes the accelerated pace of innovation in cloud computing and secures the window of opportunity effectively.

Cloud transformation provides a balance between integrating future development needs of the business with the existing IT infrastructure amidst highly demanding and challenging business environment. Right from the stage of inception of Cloud computing in the company to complete transformation into Cloud enabled business, TRUGlobal provides the best solutions for your business. TRUGlobal Cloud Transformation Services provide expert assistance with the complete assessment of the transformative structure including building, operating and running your cloud environment through strategic partnership in order to devise the optimum strategy that best suits your IT and business infrastructure. The results are reduced costs, enhanced efficiency and greater realization of the business benefits of cloud computing. TRUGlobal can help you transform your enterprise with the implementation of various cloud based solutions like Oracle’s fusion applications and cloud-based platform offerings,, Workday, Netsuit, cloud based Microsoft share-point applications, etc.

In what ways can Cloud drive a Business?

  • Enabling a mobile workforce globally
  • Drive cost benefits with improved efficiency through critical transformation
  • Data provision for getting insights about the business development
  • Integrating new product development/innovation
  • Shift from localized model to a globally shared business architecture model
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Aligned business goals with customer needs

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized solutions as per your business needs
  • Technology driven transformation to enable the best experience
  • Increased value of delivery for your products and services
  • Ethically agreed upon best practices, tools and techniques
  • Consistent solutions with full transparency and control over the operations.
  • Global expertise and efficient delivery capabilities to drive success

Cloud enabled Business transformation is essential to deliver greater value to the customers by mutually optimizing business processes with cloud computing. From improving functional efficiency and reducing costs to achieving sustainable performance improvements, cloud transformation provides a strategic advantage to the organization in comparison to its competitors. TRUGlobal Cloud Transformation uses holistic cloud transformation approach that goes beyond IT implementation and considers complete migration & adaptability of business processes including the overall managerial aspects of the organization within the cloud architecture.

TRUGlobal: Enabling Enterprise Solutions

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TRUGlobal is a Global IT Consulting and Professional Services company whose mission is to deliver the highest quality, leading-edge, and robust IT solutions that leverage the latest technologies to ensure complete transformation with respect to IT and overall business perspective. Our team of dedicated Business Consultants and Technologists possess an average of 15 years of industry-honed experience and have been part of a number of business development projects worldwide. TRUGlobal’s leadership team and consultants use a continuously evolving and well refined approach that includes best industry practices and efficient analytic models to reduce complexities in projects and accelerate ROIs.

TRUGlobal Experts work in support of our clients as strategic partners to deliver superior business services in three primary domains: Strategic IT Outsourcing, Implementing Cloud & Transformative Technologies for Enterprise Solutions, and Incremental Staffing Services. Our service capabilities are marked by high quality delivery of products and services, timeliness in meeting deadlines and strong consistency with business ethics in all project engagements. This solid track record has enabled us to establish long-standing relationships with clients and engage with them across multiple assignments.

Our Services include:

  • Cloud Transformation
  • Professional Services
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Mobility
  • PMO
  • Testing

Cloud Transformation

Implementing a dynamic infrastructure with flexible service provision and quick time-to-market has become a major necessity for any tech company? Cloud transformation addresses these key issues and helps organizations and industries to provide quick response across multiple domains with respect to the changing business requirements and overwhelming opportunities.

Cloud enabled Business transformation is essential to deliver greater value to the customers by mutually optimizing business processes with cloud computing. From improving functional efficiency and reducing costs to achieving sustainable performance improvements, cloud transformation provides a strategic advantage to the organization in comparison to its competitors. TRUGlobal Cloud Transformation Services provide expert assistance with assessing, building, operating and running your cloud environment through strategic partnership in order to devise the optimum strategy that best suits your IT and business infrastructure. TRUGlobal formulates a holistic cloud transformation approach that goes beyond IT implementation and considers complete migration & adaptability of business processes including the overall managerial aspects of the organization within the cloud architecture.

Professional Services

TRUGlobal’s professional services cater to the operational requirements of the organizations. They can be categorized under three large headers:

  • Business Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Staffing Services

Business Services

TRUGlobal provides assistance to businesses by reducing their organizational complexity and redesigning their business model to be more cost-effective, flexible, faster and scalable for meeting growth needs and quick time-to-market capabilities.

Consulting Services

TRUGlobal consultancy methodology is based on a well-designed practice derived from real-world experiences of our transformation consultants and subject-matter experts. Our services include providing operational support to businesses with respect to the following major aspects:

  • Developing a business case with the help of our proprietary tools to identify opportunities to enhance productivity and quality of client-service delivery.
  • Define a metric system to benchmark service levels to effectively establish a baseline for service-level requirements with an efficient governance system and ensure uninterrupted, high-quality service.
  • Design and implement new operating models in concordance with the business objective and operational capabilities
  • Application of innovative tools and technology, best practices, and resources to deliver flexible highly scalable solutions.
  • Adaptability with respect to new developments in the market with proper planning and management of both processes as well as personnel to smoothen the transition.

Staffing Services

TRUGlobal has positioned itself as a leading service provider in the field of Staffing Services. Whether there is a requirement a single worker or a specialized workforce, TRUGlobal can provide you with the best fit for your company in terms of skills required and there is no compromise in terms of quality of the personnel even though the service is quick and cost-effective.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise System solutions have become an essential part of any technology driven business. TRUGlobal’s Enterprise Solutions fulfil the eminent requirement of an agile and efficient operation in an organization and help transform businesses by adapting with respect to new trends in the market. We consult and facilitate transformation of businesses to leverage the emerging opportunities and initiate multiple growth phases. TRUGlobal is a key enabler of specialist capabilities and specific knowledge in Oracle, SAP and Microsoft – Enterprise Solutions to enable fast and seamless growth opportunities for an enterprise operating within regulatory and compliance boundaries.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence facilitates companies to avail procedural management governed by factual decision making to help predict future events, track historical data and analyse present deductions to present actionable information. It enables businesses to utilize informative and descriptive data to drive a business development objective. TRUGlobal helps the businesses in their quest to achieve Business excellence by providing clarity amidst complex business decisions. Our motto for our Business Intelligence offerings is: Right Business Decisions at the Right Time. Our business intelligence consulting and development services are devised strategically and our architecture is enabled to deliver and manage data warehousing, business analytics and reporting applications that provide tangible business benefits.

Agile – An Introduction

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Conventionally, it is a contradiction to mention ‘Agile’ in the same sentence as ‘Fixed’. The Agile method of software development is founded on the need for continuous change that modern software systems must go through to adapt to changing consumer needs.

In the real world while software requirement (i.e., scope) is changeable, time to market and cost allocated are not. Software development in such a scenario presents significant challenges in defining the project, and tweaking the methodology to meet the need.

For e.g., consider the case of an analytic system for capturing and reacting to online consumer behavior. In such a case, the software continuously needs to adapt to new consumer behavior patterns as they emerge. How do you predict budgets and timelines for building a suitable and complete system for such dynamic scenarios?

This is especially a challenge for a product engineering vendor, who is often asked to deliver against continuous change while staying within budgets assigned to the development project. The challenge for a service provider is to project a budget and keep to it while assimilating change.

In practice, assessing the problem critically and answering questions like the ones below help identify the constants and the variables in the problem domain and operating environment.

  • Are the end results (business and technology objectives) of the project well defined?
  • Are the target users well profiled?
  • Are you developing a new product, or enhancing an existing one?
  • Is the recommended technology stack stable?
  • Are there organizational or industry experiences and metrics available to predict the standard velocity of development?
  • Is there is a need to deliver a rich user experience and will that change with feedback from the market?
  • Are you developing a generally available internet application?
  • Is user behavior pattern a key determinant of business logic?
  • Do you expect diverse sources of data – with unstructured or variously structured data?
  • Does the product domain and competitor landscape require continuous feature enhancement?

The above is only a starting list of questions; and usually needs to be expanded while exploring any new Agile development opportunity. Then there is a need to work with product managers, architects and business stakeholders and try to answer them. The attempt is to understand the size of the current backlog, expected velocity of development, the rate at which the problem domain and technology is changing and use these factors to estimate team size and time lines.

Further, while consulting a customer on Agile development in a fixed price model, following 7 Practices are a must –

  • Understand the problem domain really well
  • Define and prioritize the product backlog to the extent possible
  • Identify which items in the backlog may be ‘exchanged’ with higher priority requirements received during development.
  • Get user stories defined as cleanly as possible
  • Project the team’s expected velocity from experience and available metrics
  • Identify possible causes and probability of change during the course of the project, and quantify extent of impact.
  • Have buy-in from all stakeholders on a continuously collaborative give & take of backlog and prioritization.

With the above in place, projecting budgets and timelines with greater accuracy becomes possible; and it is easier to define and stick to allocated budgets and still succeed in delivering the Business and Technology goals of the project while going Agile.

Sustainable IT Outsourcing

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Outsourcing has many benefits – cost savings, access to experts, delegation of responsibility, increased ability to focus on core functions and more. For many large businesses, outsourcing has been the order for quite a while; but companies of any size can consider outsourcing and derive the same benefits.

Following are some fundamental rules that may be followed to achieve early tactical successes while establishing a long term strategy for outsourcing.


Evaluate your need for outsourcing

You must answer a number of questions internally. For example –

  1. Can some of the work you do, be intuitively categorized as core & non-core?
  2. What level of skill do your non-core activities require?
  3. Is there a need for cultural knowledge to accomplish some of the non-core work?
  4. Is there internal experience with outsourcing or off-shoring? Or is there a manager who has done it before?
  5. Do you currently have a process framework, estimation techniques, and work management tools to track work?

Once you have agreement on some non-core activities, which you can quantify in terms of current cost or time needed to accomplish them; then it is time to move forward with the next steps. Note that this internal evaluation also helps you get a buy-in for outsourcing from your organization as a side effect.


Identify parameters to track performance

Once a decision is made that outsourcing is the way to go, there is a need to think through what exactly you would like to achieve and in what timeframe. It is important to keep expectations realistic, while identifying the parameters that need to be measured. For example, your parameters could be Cost per Resource, Cost for Quantum of Work, Task Turn Around Time etc. At this point, you must choose parameters for which you have values available from your own experience in doing them or getting them done by on-shore partners. Then set the target values for these parameters for your organization and vendors to achieve.


Find a suitable outsourcing vendor

You need to define what kind of vendor is suitable. While the basic factors don’t differ in that you must find someone with the skills you require and the right credentials to deliver, but there may be minor variations in your selection depending on what you need done, scale of outsourcing, the management bandwidth you can deploy, availability of in-house experts etc.

Typically, if the idea is to establish a long term relationship and save costs, you must find a vendor at an offshore location and somehow ensure that they have the potential to deliver incremental value with time.

So, it is important to do a review of vendor capabilities, experience, processes, infrastructure, and management depth, before proceeding. The vendor’s experience in situations similar to yours, or their capability to suggest a solution and a model that helps you achieve the targets on your performance parameters is very important too.  To assess the vendor’s maturity level, it is always a good idea to transparently share your performance parameters and targets for the vendor to provide a detailed proposal addressing those.


Start small and keep going

Big things start small, and so it is with outsourcing. Even if you have evaluated your vendor well, and are sure of their capabilities, it is best to identify small bundles of work that can help establish the working protocols and team relationships while giving the small early successes. If the need is to outsource a larger project, then explore incremental models and prototyping approaches.

It is also important to be not deterred by small setbacks, as the relationships, communication and processes get established. The best outsourcing strategy is to treat a vendor as your partner, and clearly set the expectation on them to commit to your business goals from the relationship. This helps everyone involved to keep the larger goal in mind and keep moving forward.

Once operational processes, communication channels, verifiable performance metrics and a strong core team are established, scaling the relationship is far easier and less prone to risk.


Look for higher value, not lower cost

The one mistake that is often made while trying to outsource is to look for the lowest cost vendor. It is important to look for the right vendor, evaluating several for suitability and making a balanced value v/s cost decision. It is important to be aware that projects are not delivered by putting resources together; rather they are done by creating teams that commit to them. The level of commitment and experience that a vendor can bring in to an outsourcing relationship often defines its success. Beyond a point, cost benefit delivered in terms of lower rates is meaningless in a long term strategic relationship. It has to be realized from the higher value that stems from smart execution of work, process excellence, and shared goals.