• Cloud Transformation
    Transform business functions powered by best in class Cloud solutions
    Better, Faster, Anywhere, Anytime… If you recognize this pulse,
    you know about the increased pressure on your resources and systems.
  • Professional Services
    A solution shop to address all your puzzles
    Whilst the Business services is one sector that is responding well to the growth,
    some organisations still face challenges. Business Heads are under tremendous pressure
    to meet growth targets and many are looking at the way their organisations operate.
  • Enterprise Solutions
    Custom solutions crafted specially for your requirements
    Enterprise Solutions are ideal for projects requiring a flexible, end-to-end customization
    approach. Use the experience of TRUGlobal developers to analyze, expand and maintain
    your project by delegating responsibilities to specialized experts.
  • Business Intelligence
    Data is the lifeline of all businesses to be successful.
    Our offerings include consulting and development services to help clients define their strategy
    and solution architecture. We deliver and manage data warehousing, business analytics
    and reporting applications that provide tangible business benefits.
  • Outsourcing Services
    TRUGlobal delivers Outsourcing Services that help you
    Our services are highly technology driven, optimized by robust SLAs, based on industry-standard
    best practices, and delivered by a cost-effective mix of onshore,
    nearshore and offshore resources.
What We Do
Why TRUGlobal?
  • Knowledge Base

    We are committed to the continual training and development of our consultants and technical resources…

  • Customized Solutions

    We take the time to truly understand the details of your current architecture. We make the glove fit…

  • Trusted Partner

    We focus on building long-term partnerships for a deep understanding of business needs that allow us…

  • High-Value Insights

    The road to successfully achieving goals in IT is littered with risks. Our insights help you make…

  • Robust Offering

    As a full-service IT consultancy, our comprehensive range of services and capabilities fits…

  • Customer First

    We know the formula to success lies in our priorities. We always put the needs of the clients…

About us
With its global headquarters in California; TRUGlobal is a top IT services firm servicing clients across Fortune 500 Companies to Startups. Our talented team of Business Consultants and Technologists average over 15 years of industry-honed experience and have conducted many engagements worldwide. As the division between strategy, execution, and optimization become increasingly blurred, and knowledge becomes a key source of value for organizations in the new global economy, TRUGlobal’s leadership team and consultants have combined historical data, industry best practices, and analytical models to continue the support of our clients as trusted partners. Our approach has continuously evolved and been refined to help organizations reduce project complexities and accelerate return on investments.
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